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East central Iowa crop pics

Planted June 14 (if I remember right) just before a monsoon rain.  Adjuster said to replant due to uneven emergence but rain prevented that.  What didn't drown out looks good but thin.  This is on our lowest quality dirt so will be interesting.




Should have put that Busch Light can next to this.



Oaks planted 3 years ago as bare root seedlings, first year not much above ground growth, second year, drought, maybe 2 inches growth early before ran out of H2O.  This year WOW, the tube protector is 5 feet, the trees averaged 12 inches when planted!



Gonna be a good acorn drop year!




Honestly if I knew a hardwood forest was so hard to restore I would have stuck with growing corn and soybeans!  Lots of turkeys around though.

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