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Eastern Iowa In Mid-June

1.8 inches of rain around here.  It all soaked in and is being put to use.

I got some UAS on yesterday ahead of the rain and I don't think any of it was flushed away, so lucky timing.

Lots of hay has been put up, but what little I do is still standing.  Had a tractor issue.  

Many sprayers in the field probably more to come in the next week or so.  

After this rain and with some heat, the corn will be laid by for many.  I need to get my post-emerge on as soon as I get a break.

Crops are looking good so far.  Nothing outstanding either good or bad.

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Re: Eastern Iowa In Mid-June

Corn is really growing and anyone who wants to spray it with a pull-type sprayer will be looking for the first dry day to get in the field.  It will be time for post emerge on soybeans soon.

Most of the hay got made in the last couple of weeks, but anyone who missed that window is now in the starting blocks for the next one.  Still plenty to do before everything is laid by.

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