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Fall anhydrous ammonia


I am working on some future stories and the subject of fall anhydrous ammonia application has come up. How many of you are doing it? I know it's a whipping boy in some environmentally sensitive areas, but as this article shows, it fits certain areas like central Illinois.




Gil Gullickson
Crops Technology Editor, Successful Farming


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Re: Fall anhydrous ammonia

I`ve never used NG3, however I appreciate those who do because of the logistics.  The soil over winter is a "nitrogen storehouse", coops would have a hard time storing all that nitrogen for spring only application, plus nitrogen in the gas form takes up less space than the liquid.  Many more tanks would be required, thus raising the nitrogen costs for everyone.

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Re: Fall anhydrous ammonia

I was surprised to read how safe fall anydrous can be.  I guess I drank the kool-aid about nitrate losses.


I see a few farmers around here putting on NH3 now.  Soil temps are probably OK.  There is less fall tillage and perhaps less fall NH3 going on that there used to be, it may be.


In my own case, I apply lliquid N with herbicide burndown and side dress the corn after emergence.

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