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Farmers Business Network



Yesterday, we had a couple folks stop by from the Farmers Business Network. One use to work for Google, the other for Cargill. They are facilitating a brand new network (hence its title) where farmers would give their on-farm data to them and it's aggregated into a format where you can compare yield performance in your field against others in the network. They assured us the information is completely anonymous when it appears. I think it's similar to farm business management groups in some states like Illinois, where you can compared your farm spending/yields/profitabilty against others in the program. They are charging $500 for the program, regardless of your farm's size. So whether you farm 300 acres or 30,000, the $500 fee applies to all.


What I could take out of it is they are completely a data company. They don't sell seed, fertilizer, pesticide, or any other farm product. Thus, they say they are completely independent and can provide unbiased information as to what is truly the best seed type to plant on your farm.


Have any of you heard of these folks? Interesting presentation, just curious of how this is faring with farmers.


Gil Gullickson

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Re: Farmers Business Network

I haven't heard of any local (Central Kansas) business that is doing anything to that nature.  Not saying they don't exist, just saying I haven't heard of anyone.  I would be interested in seeing what the final results would be comparing my operation to surrounding producers but not sure with my location it will have much interest.


If an area would have good/accurate participation, the $500 flat fee might very well be the cheapest $500 spent annually if we found tactics and procedures that generate more profit per acre within a certain geographical area.  As with any comparison project, they final outcome will only be as useful as the information provided.  If people report false seasonal information the final outcome will be of little to no value.

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Re: Farmers Business Network

Thx Shaggy98. They are going to be at a meeting I'm going to in a couple weeks so I'll visit them again. 


I asked them if the $500 fee is enough for them to keep the wolves away from the door (i.e., pay their bills) and they say it is. Evidently, the cost of tabulating this data has really dived in recent years. So, as you say, if farmers can glean useful data from this and make changes that benefit them in their hybrid/variety lineup, etc., that $500 is a fairly low cost.


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Re: Farmers Business Network

Sounds like a good business to get in.
Set up a multi layer data base, and your
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