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Farming Research: PLEASE HELP

Hi everyone! I am a current senior at Texas Tech University. I am currently working with a water conservation nonprofit to create a new public relations campaign intended to generate more awareness around water conservation. I am currently researching more about the media usage and demographics of farmers. If you would be willing to take this short survey it would be extremely helpful for this small organization. At the end of the survey, you will be prompted to provide an email address to win either a Carhartt Jacket or $100 gift card. If you have any questions please contact me at THANK YOU!

The survey can be found at:

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Re: Farming Research: PLEASE HELP

I started to take this survey, but it assumes I am on social media.  I am not.  It assumes I irrigate.  I do not.  It insists I answer questions for which there is no accurate option.  I gave up on it and do not recommend it for midwest farmers.

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Re: Farming Research: PLEASE HELP

I got a survey from KSU today on the use of irrigation water..... It was obvious  KSU wants to helping the governor to limit the private use of water in Ks.  The survey dealt with some issues and avoided many others......   

It is a big push by environmental concerns to reduce the use of water.  There are lots of questions "for which there is no accurate option"


Water is being reduced by economic reality. before it runs our.... but that never keeps a politician from trying to jump in and harvest the credit.

Or a university for that matter.

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