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Fertilizer Down For 2014?

Purdue thinks that nitrogen could be in the $550/T range late this year or next spring.  Might be worth holding fire for a bit to see if the pressure on prices comes through.


Seed to be steady to higher.  Fuel maybe down a little but always volatile.  Machinery could level off.  Chemicals flat to higher.



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Re: Fertilizer Down For 2014?

dry p&k down some here. 32 and nh3 down also. 10-34-0 about the same or down a little. I've read one place about the new potash discovery in michigan and hoped it would lower our prices just in reduced transportation. Our harvest will be late in north iowa, so hope we can get this stuff on before we winter in.

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Re: Fertilizer Down For 2014?

Bout time it's free
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Re: Fertilizer Down For 2014?

should be even lower.

Nitrogen producers have had a haay day. NG collasped whilst NH4 price drop lagged.


Shouldn't tehre be more competition? Gross ROEs in these companies, usuall attracts



NG is 3-4$ and it looks like teh days of 6-10 are long over.

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