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Fertilizer Enhancers

I am considering experimenting with some nitrogen stabilizer and phosphorous enhancers this spring.  I am aware of the fact there are a few products of similarity from different companies.  Does anyone have any experience using any of them as far as which ones work better than other and which ones I should avoid?

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Re: Fertilizer Enhancers

Nitrogen stabilizers are fine if you really need them. That is...if you are applying all your nitrogen on before planting, or have a very wet spring after application. If you space out your nitrogen's probably a moot point, because you get the benefit of higher levels of nitrate in your field without any inhibitor keeping the bacteria at bay. Phosphorous enhancers are sorta iffy too. If you have good pH, (below 7 and above 6) you probably don't stand to gain much from them. Phosphorous is most available at about 6.5 pH....and if you have good soil levels..probably isn't going to show any improvement from the enhancer.

I guess what I'm saying're farming in dryland, where nitrogen isn't lost as easily with excessive rainfall, but if it makes you sleep better when you apply nitrogen before planting, then by all means add an inhibitor. The same with the phoshorous enhancer....I don't worry about it too much, because I apply some phosphorous as a pop-up in the row...and hardly ever see deficiency from it.


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