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Field cultivator incorporation depth?

For the first time in several years I will be using something other then just generic Round Up on my corn.  My dealer is suggesting using G Max Lite at about half rate and then coming back later with a version of Round Up.  I was thinking of spraying the G Max and incorporating it in with the field cultivator right before planting.  BASF recommends to incorporate the G Max into the upper 1 to 2 inches of the soil which has me concerned that I could work the G Max in to deep. 



Can someone refresh my memory?  I believe my old chemical dealer now since retired used to say that when using a field cultivator you incorporated the herbicide into the soil approximately one half the depth you ran the field cultivator..   So if I run 4 inches deep the herbicide would be approximately 2 inches deep.  I'm curious if that is what others figure? 

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Re: Field cultivator incorporation depth?

Right  That's what I was told also.

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