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Field cultivators

Anybody here use a field cultivator on their farm? I have been using a disk for years now. I have owned a Case and currently own a Krause disk. Both have done an ok job, but it seems no matter what I do, I cant seem to keep the disk from ridging. Our farm has a few stones but not many. Most farmers in this area have been using a disk because some of the fields around here can get stoney. I have disked a couple stoney fields only to pound stones out of the disk gang and watch the disk roll the stones over. I have noticed lately some farmers around me have started using field cultivators. What are the real differences in a field cultivator compared to a disk? Do you have plugging problems in chisel plowed cornstalks? How wide of a field cultivator would a 180 hp tractor pull in sandy loam? What makes and models have worked well for you? I cant afford new, I but dont want something falling apart either. Lastly, am I crazy to get rid of my disk? Its in good shape for its age, but it can be expensive to maintain and I think I could get a better seed bed with a field cultivator. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Field cultivators

Hey Blacksand, around here many farmers don`t even own a disk, they think in compacts too much.  Just hit the bean stubble with a "digger" once or twice and it`s good to go.  A disc/ripper in the fall on corn stalks after a chopping cornhead or stalk chopper leaves it good for a digger pass in the spring.


A 180hp 2wd should handle a 24`-30` digger, the thing is you want to go ..oh 8mph would be good, have more tractor than digger and go just deep enough to take out your tracks.  John Deere 960 is good and reasonable, the 980 is better with trash and twice the cost, newer ones have more clearance, but "Lisa" prohibits me from looking at them.  🙂

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