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Senior Advisor


The sprayers and the Choppers have been working pretty hard today for frogeye in there soybeans - I have been watching mine pretty close - Found he first about 9 days ago in he older part of the canopy - most important it was not wide spread - now if I remember this right you need to have 50 % of the plants with it + have it in the new growth leafs - which will be at the top of the plant . I have sprayed for it before but a R-3 and mine are at R5 going on 6 so i really think it's getting late enought to be a none factor .


I was headed to the Fert plant and happened upon this !




Yep he's coming in to land




I asked the loaded what kind of load he was carrying - 80 gallon of spray and every 3 rd load adds 25 Jet  A




The pilot is a former Aphache Pilot ! AND with the 101st --- The Loader ?? 82 Airborne !  I was lmao at the loader and his ' Kidding " of the pilot and the screaming chickens - They have a lot of fun with each other I would guess - lol 


Thanks guys for your service !




Had to take off the helmet for a cool down was my guess - it was hot today = 98 with heat index !







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