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Frosted Corn

Back in May I posted some pics of corn that got froze off May 15th. (103 day corn planted April 18th, SCMN)

Here are 4 ears picked from consecutive stalks from the same spot in the field I took those pics.

Back in the day it would be ready for the crib.

ears-husks 8-31-16.jpg

ears 8-31-16.jpg

X-Section 8-31-16.jpg

There is definately some variability in ear size throughout and we lost some population.

Shelled out the ear on the left and checked moisture = 35%.

As always we'll see what the combine comes up with.


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Re: Frosted Corn

Not bad - Not bad at all 76 ! Nice 


BTW - are you going to make the trip down here on Sept12 ?  Would enjoy you stopping by !

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Re: Frosted Corn

Doesn't look like I'll have time this year.  Trying to get a new shed/shop built before harvest.

Hoping that the old barn wood we salvage will pay for the new shed.

Son has already made a dining table out of some of the wood.

I hear people are paying a tidy sum for that stuff. Smiley Happy


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