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Senior Advisor

Full Field Fungicide Plot Result's

Instead of me trying to explain the results -  I will just post up the e-mail I recieved fro Dr. Wise on the results of this years plot -


I will have to say - this has been a VERY fun year working with the folks at Purdue - nit that the others were not - But is seems that the star's just lined up for everything this year - We had to skip last year as it was to wet to get in the field at the right V stage - 2 years ago - in the same type study - the fungicide applied part of the field made a bu and a half less than the non treatment .


Just remember that it did make 10bpa more - At what cost ? A chopper ran 30 to 32 bucks an acre - and that was with product . Ground rig was 6.50 to 7.50 for the most part .


Like I said before - You other Hoosier farmers need to get involved with these studies - Not much extra work and a lot of fun to boot .