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Re: Full Field N Plot Result's

Thanks Jim ! 

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Re: Full Field N Plot Result's


We ran a red/white 4070/290 for years without power steering...  All aluminum frame.  Was our first semi...  I grew up older in it.

It had the decompression lever to hold the valves open while you spun it over for "easier" start.

True story....... I bought it off a farm sale with ~80K miles on it(it had set on a bankruptcy farm and the paint was faded....)  some kid had taken it for a joy ride the weekend before the sale and burnt the clutch.  They sold it, "as is".   I had found the history on it and knew the miles were true.  Cost me $1500 to pull it home.

Replaced the clutch and ran it for near 20 years.  Finally parked it and converted the motor to Natural gas and that block ran another 15 years on an irrigation well.

It was my first stroke of luck and our first big truck...  Tempte trailer with it had the old fitted tarp with the rope pulls.  The next year. Did some harvesting for a neighbor who had lost his father.  Wouldn't take any pay so he put a rollover tarp on the old trailer.  

She and I were buddies for a long time.


I believe that she was a 4070B-- transtar 2  1976 model....






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