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Fungicide on soybeans

Anybody out there putting fungicide on beans this year? I have some good looking beans; they are for the most part disease free, other than some brown spot on the lower leaves. Does fungicide make for green stems at harvest? Can fungicide be easily tank mixed with roundup? My beans are in 30 inch rows and are just starting to put on pods. Thanks.

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Re: Fungicide on soybeans

We did last week, but I do regardless of the year. Plus I use a good insecticide, 90% of the time, the
returns have been on the plus side. This year I tried a foliar feeding product on about 25% the acres. Have to wait till harvest to how that pencils out.

The only time we've had green stem issues is when we had an abnormally dry July and a wetter August.
As for tank mixing with roundup, I've never had an issue. I'm on 15 in. rows
Good luck on what ever you decide to do!
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Re: Fungicide on soybeans

You can mix the fungicide with rup, BUT....the fungicide should have more gpa and different spray tips that commonly used with rup. just my 2 cents. I'm waiting a week or so for our annual soybean aphid reunion to add to the mix.

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Re: Fungicide on soybeans

Sandy : Good question - First off you have to remember where KY farms - they are a world away from you - as into weather conditions - like Humidity and day time temps - I have talked to a lot of guys that farm south of us and most do what KY do's with good  results - Yet I have have put out plots and have not have 1 - thats right not 1 pay its way - as if there is no disease pressure then why lay it down ??  I even did plot work with Purdue on corn with the same results - we missed the window = rain - when we whated it down - but still put it out to check the plant health part they calm - when the plot was shelled off - there was no difference between the 2 .  In the bean plots - yes - it had green stems and was a B---h to cut them - I even pulled out and went to another field one time - they are aways 7 to 10 days behind the non sprayed beans - But thats here - .  Also remeber - Fungicides are to controll disease - right - just to lay it down - say for insurance can help cause resistance in the disease - I have read that in parts of KY and southern IL that Frogeye Leaf spot is resistane to Headline .


As far as insecticides - And I know , I know - I'm not practicing good IPM - But have sprayed at R-3 and have always been on the plus side - anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 bpa increase - Have not priced any insecticides this year - but the product costs ?? 2.70 to 2.80 ( should be close )  an acre plus app. cost .


You are a pretty sharp young farmer and your doing the right thing = to scout your fields and knowing just what is out there - I would just keep doing what you are doing , then if there's a problem - you will be on top of it and then pull the trigger if need be .


Have a good one ..




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