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Glyphosate is not quite dead yet

I've been to several crop seminars this winter in which respected land grant university academicians have cautioned that more and more weeds are becoming resistant to control with glyphosate (Roundup).

Therefore, I was interested to read this release from ISU that says that the world is not falling apart, contrary to the claims of Don Huber, a retired Purdue plant pathologist.  It's rare that academics fuss among themselves in public.


"Information presented recently on the Web and in seminars across the Midwest has portrayed devastating consequences due to the widespread use of glyphosate and glyphosate resistant crops. It is important to recognize that there is little data published in refereed journals to support these claims. Data that are available have been taken greatly out of context to support the accusations. "

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Re: Glyphosate is not quite dead yet

  I have a low laying flood prone field with RR resistant giant ragweed.  I think the seeds washed in from upstream during the spring snow melt/flooding.   I now field cultivate this field every year twice.  At least a week between passes.  So far it's working.  The agronomist says to be on the look out this year for RR resistant marestail.  I've never even seen it around here but he said it's with in 25 miles.

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Re: Glyphosate is not quite dead yet

I have seen with my own eyes devastating effects of resistant palmer pigweed go to the southeast  this summer and you can see it for yourself there have been crops abandoned because of it.  Once it is up and growing in cotton it is almost impossible to control soybeans are not as bad but not good either corn is the the best crop to deal with it in.

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Re: Glyphosate is not quite dead yet

   Some day we may look back at these days as the glory years of farming made easy by RR seeds.   I sure wouldn't like going back to the old days of pounding every acre 2, 3 or 4 times.   That would require another tractor and loads of diesel fuel.

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And I hope we don't kill it

Some farmers have really tried, a quart to a gallon per acre since it came out.  I know, that makes no sense.


Resistant weeds is one issue, half life of glyphosate is another.


I have 4 resistant weeds thanks to the lifer users but I haven't really seen the yield hit but I use tissue tests and use more calcium and manganese sulfate than most do around here.


It is a diverse issue.

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