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Hail damage

Had a strong hail storm go through the area yesterday afternoon causing major  crop damage in a three mile wide swath from north to south.  The hail size was a little larger than dime size but came with light winds. It hailed for about 15 min. Corn was about waist high, beans 1 to 5 inches tall.  Corn was defoliated from 40% to 75%.  The  story here is corn will likely pull through ok but will need a special fungicide treatment soon.  As far as the beans, some fields may need to be replanted. It will be a wait and see for the beans .  My corn and beans where on the edge of the storm so I think I'm ok.  What has been your experience with hail damage at this stage?  If I knew how I would send you a pic or two.

1.45" including the hail.

" It ain't over till it's over." 

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Re: Hail damage

Hate to hear this Wind - Hail is not good ! I have been hit several times - but nothing like you are describing - very minor - got hit one time as we were cutting bean years ago - I think there was more on the ground than in  hopper 


Anyway - from what I have seen - I agree - it will probably be OK - I will see if I can find the article - But Fungicide will not help any - just a waste of good money - 


We did set a record - from April 5th to June 5th - driest on history ! We did get 7 tenth last night ! Corn and beans were sucking hind tit ! Corn V -7-8 and much over knee high - if that - collars very close .


good luck !



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Re: Hail damage

Sorry to hear it Wind, if you do have to re-plant beans it`s still early (pre June 15th).  If you have to replant on June 25th usually expect 35bpa.  The thing is a plant stem hit by a hail stone will rot and tip over later in the season as ECIN says.  So take all that into your calculations and Good Luck.

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