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Harvest Progress

Over the past few days, I've flown from around Washington Iowa on Highway 92 to just south of Minneapolis.  Harvest is in full swing in Washington.  30 miles north at I-80 harvest is ramping up smartly and there are a lot of beans and some corn out, but pleny is not quite ready.  Give it a week or two.  Highway 30 through Cedar Rapids has a few fieldds started.  Up around Waterloo and Highway 20 there is not much started yet.  It's that wasy to Minneapolis.  A few fields here and there and you can see signs of people getting antsy, but not yet in the full harvest mode.


My beans on I-80 are finally ready and when this rain event passes over I'll start them.  Corn was 30% a couple of days ago.  I have a little down from that sharp wind that came through recently, but most was up OK.

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Re: Harvest Progress

Harvest is -- Has been in Get "R Done mode here for the last 2 weeks - NO bean cutting around here the last week - Fog every moring till noon and then these light showers .


I finished up -- last Saturday afternoon -- on beans - it appears they will average out to around 53--54 bpa - Some great beans - some not so great - high ground from lack of rain this summer - couldn't hide a rabbit in - black ground - seen monitor hit 78 bpa many times - just needed alittle more rain - but more than I expected .


Corn - Opened up the plot field - 22.7 to 24 .  Shelled the rolling little field next to  the shop - 10 acres -- 194.7 dry


Field on the cornor -- 9.4 acres - 203 bpa - this is  on my worse ground - both fields bordor a open ditch -- have never had a problem with deer in these fields till this year - they really hurt the end rows - Will see if I can talk a picture of the yield monitor of these  fields - and post up .


calling for upto 2.5 inchs of rain threw Sunday here - little rain here this morning - so looks like harvest is on rain delay till next week -- Weds maybe ?


Over all - very happy with crops this  year . Will Indiana set a new record this year in corn ? I think --it is 171 bpa - and after getting into mine -- i would say , there is a good chance it will be broke .


Everybody be safe !!!



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Re: Harvest Progress

we havent got started but here in the leach fingers region of indiana we're gonna have some fields that don't do very good either

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