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Have You Ever Screwed UP ??

Ever had one of them Days , where is seems like , maybe you should just go home and start over tomorrow ?


Well last fall -- I had one of them days ! , lol 


It started off A-OK , Norm , my fall helper and I was cleaning out a bin ,  The corn was just about down to the sweep , So I walked out of the bin and grabed the cord -- Luckly I DID NOT PLUG IT IN ! You will soon see why , The unload auger under the bin was still running and Norm said throw it to me --- ( done this a million times ) So I threw the cord high and away -- prefect throw if I do say so myself ! Well it landed on the corn and took out slideing down the corn ---- RIGHT for the WELL !!


Norm retired out of Ford in Indy and been working here on the farm part time for 10 years  - So  how do I say this ?  Maybe don't move to quick sometimes , Norm sure picked a bad time to move like molasass on a 30 below day !


I seen BAD things comeing fast !!!!! I yelled at Norm ! DON'T GRAB IT !!!!!!!!!!!!  Then I tried to get to the button to shut the auger off , TOO LATE ! I looked back as I went for the button -- it was then , the cord made it to the well ! All this happened in seconds ! I have never seen anything like this happen , that cord got ate it in 2 shakes of a puppies tail ------- All 30 feet of it --- gone ! 


I looked at Norm and Said -- Well F -- this is NOT good ! BTW this was at 9 in the morning .


All our bins have uprights on them , I hit the button to see if any would come out the upright , he11 NO, not one piece ! Norm said -- well now what ?


Time to sit down and drink my Dew and think about this a second , told Norm to get the forklift and I will go get the little skid steer , we will have to drop the upright , take it off then pull the other auger .


By now it lunch time ! remeber we started at 9 a.m. - lol , went to lunch - wife asked -- did you get the bin done this morning , I looked at her and said -- we had a bad F-up , but - everybody is OK -- thats the important thing !


Finnaly got it all going by 2:30 - had to get a new cord to , lol 


Here's some pictures from the day from he!! LOL


my documtims 418.jpg



my documtims 420.jpg



my documtims 419.jpg

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Re: Have You Ever Screwed UP ??

that doesn't even come close to my best day ever. was greasing the combine and had the auger out and then drove it up to the fuel tank (which is next to the shop) and conviently TORE IT OFF!!!!!!!!  twodays and 5000 dollars later i was back in the field

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Re: Have You Ever Screwed UP ??

We were trying to get started cleaning corn about a  week ago.  The hired hands went to start the grain leg to get things going.  Below freezing.  Lo and behold the leg started to plug after only a few minutes.  Cleaned out the bottom, started scooping up the corn when we noticed a few buckets missing.  36 to be exact, 24 of them in a row.  Gone. 


Now as soon as it warms up we get to climb the leg, open the bonnet and retreive the many MANY bucket peices that are clogging the inlet to the distributor.  Not to mention the several more bucket chunks blocking the downpipe, 30' down from the distributor at a joint.  Some days it doesn't pay to start the grain leg.

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Pat in CMO
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Re: Have You Ever Screwed UP ??

 About 3 years ago I went to the field to shell corn with rain in the forcast, so I didn't open the bin before heading out. Came in to dump and forgot the bin was closed up and auger sitting on the lid. Started dumping in the auger and in short order heard a loud bang and grain was running out of the bottom of the main auger (where the swing away dumps). Ran to tractor, shut off pto and realized what I had done. My screw up was made much worse by the fact that years ago someone (Dad?)had installed a grade 8 bolt instead of the soft shear bolt. The main auger shaft broke where the top section was attached and the hopper at the bottom blew apart. Borrowed an auger to finish filling the bin. When I tore into the auger to fix the shaft I found out why the shear bolt had been replaced wiht a hard bolt (when dad bought the auger he had a problem with it breaking shear bolts for a while and didn't realize how he fixed the problem). The top section of the flighting was installed 180 out of time. Auger works great now.  Patrick

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Re: Have You Ever Screwed UP ??

Helped a neighbor move his yearling calves, he thanked me for the help, and offered to take me out to lunch for the help.

When we got back, there were tracks all over his yard.  One of us swung the gate shut, but forgot to latch it.  At first, I thought it was me, but he remembered that he went back to retrieve his ATV, and absent midedly forgot to latch the gate (glad it wasn't me, LOL).   The calves leaned or rubbed on it, it swung open, and they wandered off into 120 acres of cornstalks (luckily they had gotten it all picked).

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