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Heads UP for Gray Leaf & Northern

Up untill the past week - Our cor has been spotless f any disease problems - I have been scouting corm fields all morning and fellows - I my corn Gray and northern has blown up -

There are many things to check and consider when looking at these problems - Number one  - get the genetic package on each number that you planted - Look for the one with a low protection - that would be the fields I would start in - If you do find it them - Look up at the top leafs - The sunlight will light up any new lesson's in the top leafs - You can pull one down and look and not see them as well as looking up at them .


If you have it in a number that has a good package - that be as bad as it get's the day you find it .


Check weather ahead - like a week - here there calling for next week to be hot and humid - this morning it was foggy - again - great weather for disease ! If it were to change and the humidity and dew points would drop - that would help us out a lot ! But don't see that happening either -


Educate  your self !!!!!!!!  Remeber - the chem guys are going to be selling anything and everything - to HELP you out - right ! --- NOT   Get help from a non chemical sells man if need be - it could save you or make you money -


Happy scouting


Ken IMG_1887.JPG

2 leafs under the ear leaf




3 leafs under the ear leaf




Ear leaf


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Re: Heads UP for Gray Leaf & Northern

A little update here - I put in a call to Dr. Wise at Purdue -  I also have a plot out for her in the same field as the N plot - Which is where I took the pics from . I fealt like a DA here -  But at this stage of the game - the corn has been tasseled for almost 2 weeks - even thuo its not brown silked -  The corn is far enought a long that a app of Fungicide would really not help any - That said - She don't think that yield would be affected either , being that the corn is far enought a long also , So I will keep the Hag in the shop - BTW for a chopper and the fungicide = 31 to 32 dallors an acre - But for thoughts with corn not as far along - Keep an eye on it !

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Re: Heads UP for Gray Leaf & Northern

That is my take on it.


It'll trim some of the theoretical yield off of some of the susceptible hybrids but likely below economic threshold at this point.

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