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Help planting wheat

I have a small problem. Ihave been planting wheat after corn the last few years. But this year my corn was 22% and made 225 bpa. In the past I just chopped the stalks lightly disked them and then drillthe wheat with my notill Jd drill. But this year I have so much stalk trash I'm afraid o wont get a stand of wheat or full of diseases. I have chopped the stalks and double disked them. Thinking of either chieseling with my dmi 530b then risking again. Or moldboard plowing then working it with the Jd 726 soil finisher. Before I drill. We are only talking about 16 acres so I'm not sure What to do. Might just give up on wheat and forget it. Only reason I plant is for the straw for bedding and I think its good for the ground. What would you guys do? I'm in central Illinois if that matters.
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Re: Help planting wheat

Might be fine w just two disk passes. I don't plant wheat after corn here. Too much disease. But no tilling corn stalks can be hard

Wheat has no yield penalty in most common no till rotations. However, after corn in high disease areas it's hard to do well. Pplnstruggle w notill Soys after corn.

If you can go at an off angle and up the seeding rate, you may get away.!are the stalks wet?
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