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Hi I,am looking for a partner in agriculture crop and farming

HI me name is Mesesan Mihai 25 years old from Romania country Romania.I,am a griculture engineer.I,am looking for a investor or a association a partner which would like to come and work agriculture land in Romania and to exports in Europe or in Romania. I have agricultural land very large surface 1000 acres hectares that can be work with agriculture machines and established cultures of :corn,barley,grain,forage grass crops.And I have an area of pasture which is very good for cows its very nutritious and has a large surface 30-200 acres. WE can make a beef cattle farm or milk cattle farm, or a sheep farm.Thanks you for the time granted to red this message post. I expect an answer from you if you are interested of my proposal or if you know someone who would be interested and would like to do it please contact me its no problem you can come in Romania and stay at me house and see the land, my proposal its real i,am real and i,am a serious person.If you will be interested in me proposal write to me back and i would leave my cell phone number and we can talk by phone thank you me , Please contact me if you are interested i can send pics with the land oki me yahoo mail is contact me thanks.

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