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High-Oleic Soybeans - Interested?

Identity preserved crops usually require extra care on your part.  The reward is extra money.

You'll have to clean out your combine, harvest perhaps at a set moisture or other condition, have a separate, clean storage bin, clean out your grain handling equipment, store them under controlled conditions and probably market them on a certain time schedule.

In return you get $0.20-$0.60/bushel over conventional beans.  (How time changes - 30 years ago we knew what conventional beans were - now they are glyphosate or liberty tolerant but not non-GMO.)

Let's say you can raise 60 bushel beans.  That is $12 to $36/acre extra income.  

Is it worth it?

If your time and labor aren't worth much and you have the faculties, maybe that is a fair reward.

If it's a hassle, maybe your time is better spend doing a better job of growing conventional beans or driving a truck part-time.

If you are big enough to make this a "big deal" maybe it is worth it.


To me, it kind of looks like it's an individual case.  It doesn't interest me.


Does it work for you?

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Re: High-Oleic Soybeans - Interested?

A lot of it will depend on how close you are to the market. .20 not much. .60 not so bad. We raised the low-lins for several years for .60. That market went away. If there is a market in our area we will definitely take a look. The identity preserve is not that bad. The buyer's call can be a pain in the rump.

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