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How To Have A Bad Weed Program

This example of how a seemingly well-designed herbicide program can be all wrong is very enlightening.  I'm the first to admit I need some improvelemt in my weed control planning.  Bob Hartzler gives an illustration of how a two-pass program doesn't really kill waterhemp like you'd think it should.


Herbicides are valuable resources that need to be conserved since it has been more than 20 years since a new site of action has been discovered. Managing herbicides efficiently is the first step in reducing herbicide resistance problems, but this approach alone will fail in the long run. An increase in the use of cultural strategies that enhance the competitiveness of the crop with weeds and the wise use of mechanical practices will become increasingly important in the future. 



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Re: How To Have A Bad Weed Program

Interesting link Jim. It seems many are having a hard time controlling weeds this year. The residuals are not working like they should and roundup is getting less effective all the time. Corn is starting to curl here and the beans are slow growing.... We have only received seven tenths for rain in the past month here. How are things in Eastern Iowa?

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Re: How To Have A Bad Weed Program

Good reason to dig the cultivator out of the weeds, maybe?

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