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BA Deere
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How accurate is bean seed per lbs count?

I planted 143,000, the beans are coming up looking thick enough, but I planted over 82 acres with 80 (140K) units. The seed was heavy 2270/lb, but it just went quite a bit further than I thought. I hate to say the name of the company, they might catch their mistake and want more $$ out of me :)...well it was Kruger, first time I planted their stuff.  But usually it figures out right on the money...or maybe my field shrunk?  🙂

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Pat in CMO
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Re: How accurate is bean seed per lbs count?

All I know is it seems like they are a lot more precise with seeds/lb now than they were when seed was sold per 50# bag. I have noticed alot sos seed with very precise #'s for example 2364 seeds/lb, where as when seed was sold by the 50# unit 25# increments seemed to be close enough.  Patrick

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