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How often do you change your chemical plan? What were your last 3?

Interested in how often guys change their chemical plans. List your last 3 plans for corn/soybeans:



3. Corvus fb nothing (mistake)

2. Bicep fb RU, status, atrazine

1. Bicep fb RU, Status, atrazine



3. RU fb RU

2. RU fb RU

1. Authority XL fb RU

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Re: How often do you change your chemical plan? What were your last 3?

..Boy I wish I could say my chemical plan is locked in stone like that...but in reality, mine changes as the weather and my time allocation for spraying allows. I have had fields burned down, that after getting rained on for 2 weeks..I pretty much had to burn down again. I've had corn emerge before I could get certain pre-emerge chemicals on them..and had to find a place to put the chemical I had mixed up because it wasn't labeled for applying to the emerged crop. I had a field of popcorn this year, that I blew the pre-emerge on...I had burned it down, and then came back after planting to get the pre-emerge on. I thought maybe it was getting a little "hairy" to be expecting the atrazine in the pre-emerge to burn off...but I added a little Clarity for the broadleaves..and hoped for the best. When I went back to put on anhydrous...the grass looked like it hadn't been touched...and it was too big for Accent to do much to, unless I added another couple pounds of atrazine to it. Needless to say, I was a bit disgusted with myself for not paying closer attention. I'm thinking next year, I'm going to go with my burndown..and add about a half/three quarter rate of a grass product like Dual or Harness...and then come back with another half rate with some Prowl H20 and atrazine for my pre-emerge..or early post. That way I get some early control of the emerging weeds, and then some long term protection against fall panicum and yellow nutsedge.

 On soybeans...I'm still burning down with glyphosate and 2,4-D...but in some cases adding Sharpen instead of 2,4-D (Like next to the farm with greenhouses full of tomatoes) and sometimes adding some metribuzin to the mix....And believe me, the Sharpen, Metribuzin, Glyphosate with a good dose of MSO really smokes things in a hurry. Post...I'm still going to start with Glyphosate...but on fields with Giant Ragweed and's definitely going to have some First Rate added. If I have a field full of pokeweed...I'll add some Synchrony to the glyphosate. You'd be surprised how big a pokeweed will die with some Synchrony in the mix. Last but not least...I've got some riverbottoms...that I usually conventional till...and the lambsquarters will sometimes get by the field cultivator..and end up being hard..and mature when I want to spray with glyphosate. Adding some Harmony GT usually convinces them to hit the ground...and it helps some on the morningglory that flows in with the floods every year.

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