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Re: How wet is it?

That's a pretty good description of what I saw in Southern Iowa along the Missouri line in Appanoose, Putnam, and Wayne Counties.


I think they call it 'Grey Till or Glacial Till'.  A real tight soil typically about 2-3' feet under the top soil that stop's natural drainage on the spot.


Well - I've seen guys plant corn down there on the 2nd of July before.  


What do the seed genetics yield in that area for Corn and Beans planted the first of July?


I got 33 Bushels in Central Iowa a couple years ago replanting Soybeans.


It's seriously going to take a long time to dry out South Central Iowa and Northern Missouri.  That area had some 5-6" rainfalls the Central Iowa missed on top of it all.

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Re: How wet is it?

I guess it all depends on the weather in Aug. and Sept. when it comes to planting into July.  In '07 we  were wet and didn't get done until July 8th.  Those beans made 35.  In '08 our levee broke and we got in and replanted up until July 15 but then the river came back and got us again so we didn't get to harvest them.  In '09 the last we planted were June 28th and those made around 45 bu.