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IH Field Tracker Problem

My friend had a fire and destroyed a IH 2188,  he now has a IH 2388 but the Field Tracker is not working in auto mode.  There was no fire on the 25 ft 1020 table, we dropped the feeder house and used the dozer to pull the old combine away.  Hooked up the IH 2388, if we lower the table with the Field Tracker in auto the left side goes down but the right side stays a foot off the ground.  He is running in manual mode but would like it to work.  It worked fine on the 2188,  same table but it will not work in auto.  Auto height works fine the table is hugging the ground and working like it is supposed to.  When the table is raised if it is in a tilted the head will level its self just as it is supposed to.


We disconnect the right side linkage, the table does not respon to any movement of the linkage (this is the same linkage the auto header height is hooked to and it works.


Need some IH help if it is available.


Thanks, Jerry

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