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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

ISU warns of SCN in dry years

Iowa State is warning farmers that because the soils are dry so far, there is a risk of more SCN damage than usual.  Dry years are much worse for SCN.  There are quite a few resistant varieties tests and they are not all equal.


 Here's the story and the story has links to the trials.


This is a good reminder for me, as I've decided on my corn but my bean choices are still open.  I hope we get some moisture. 

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Re: ISU warns of SCN in dry years

Jim, Do I understand correctly that cyst resistant varieties help 2 ways, First with less damage to the soybean plant and also with a reduction in the reproduction of the nematodes themselves? Or is it just the reduction?

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Re: ISU warns of SCN in dry years

As I understand're right, resistance does help with both damage to the plant..and reduction of the reproductive cycle of the cysts. But they also caution you..that if you plant resistant varieties all the're just going to end up with nematodes that are adapted to the resistance..and hence won't be effective any more. If your field is "heavily" infested...a two year break from soybeans by going corn to corn, resistant soybeans...then a wheat crop and another corn crop...should get you to a level in the field that is more manageable..and less likely to show yield loss.

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