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Ilevo seed treatment/preemergence herbicide interaction?


This came in from Iowa State over the three-day weekend. It seems farmers-crop advisors are questioning if preemergence herbidcide damage to soybeans has been more severe on Ilevo treated seed. Ilevo is a seed treatment launched this year by Bayer CropScience.


Have any of you heard of any such interaction occuring in your areas?


The conclusions so far by university plant pathologists-weed scientists in this story indicate that phytotoxicity may be more severe with Ilevo trated seed, there's likely to be no effect on stand and reducitons in yield. I think from previous posts that's pretty much the case with preemergence herbicide interactions in general, although it sure can cause some sweaty palms and churning stomachs this time of year when soybeans are injured this way.



Gil Gullickson

Crops Technology Editor

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Re: Ilevo seed treatment/preemergence herbicide interaction?

I read that, too, but haven't heard anyone talking about it.

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