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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Japanese Beetles

I was emailing with Erin Hodgson of Iowa State, asking about Japanese beetles which really denuded our young linden trees last year.  She expects about the same population density this year as last.  I'm going to try some imidacloprid to see if that helps.  It is systemic and has to go on before the beetles come.  Supposed helps roses, too.

Do you have any tips for dealing with JB around the house? 

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Re: Japanese Beetles

Buy a few of the phermone traps and give them to neighors 2 houses in each direction. JBs will go party at the neighbors. If you put the traps in your yard they will party there. The neighbors don't need to know you don't have a trap out. They just need to see that the traps do work. We had heavy infestation on hybrid blackberry until we touted the traps to the neighbors. A natural preferred native food of JBs is wild grape....monitor the area infestation level from that plant.

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Re: Japanese Beetles

If you're looking for chemical control, Sevin is the material of choice on most trees. It is only a rescue treatment though...the imidicloprid is the better choice for systemic control. But after what I've seen them saying about imidicloprid and bees...I'd be looking at putting the pheremone traps at the neighbors too!!..LOL


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