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Kip culler soybean production practice's

Are the production practices Culler uses available on any web sites

Any seminars on his soybean production ideas coming up in next few months

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Re: Kip culler soybean production practice's

Kip Culler will be one of the speakers at the conaservation tillage meeting in Ada, Ohio Feb 24/25 according to the priliminay program that I saw last month.  the website for the meeting is .  currently they have the program for the 2010 meeting posted but that should change soon.  last year there were over 900 attending, so it you think you like to come, you need to look at registring early and getting rooms booked since this is a very small town.  beginning of Jan when they have the final program posted should be enough time.

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Re: Kip culler soybean production practice's

That should be a good draw for Ohio farmers.  They had Francis Childs here before he died.  I would like to see them have David Hula.  He is a good speaker and a good farmer.


Kip has the advantage of irrigation on pretty good aerated soil.  If I would invest in his system I think I could have hit over 100 bu this year.

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