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Last N pass on Plot

We ended up moving up the app date from Friday -  Trying to apply ahead of the rain - which we missed yesterday - yet not far from us got 2 inchs .


Shelby County Co-op brought down there new Hagie with the Y-Drops on it - we set this up back in Feb and it was added into the plot then - I have to say - it was a cool factor X's 10 today - running two Hag.s in the same field - sometimes - side by side - We both were applying 16.7 gpa on this pass . Will have to wait now till fall to see what happen's !




My machine on the left and the co-ops new hag with the Ydrops - and yes I know - I need to spray the dang drive .




Setting up the monitors - ready to start !




Cheap thrills for a farm kid = TOO COOL !  lol




Just a few more rows and were done for 2016


Well better get - have to drop off the bar and hook back to th booms - have a big custom job just come in


Have a good one !









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Re: Last N pass on Plot

Boys with toys = Gotta Luv it!!Smiley Happy

Look forward to seeing results this fall.

Have you set a date yet for the field demo?


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Re: Last N pass on Plot

Not yet 76 - Hope it will be set by weekend  - I hope you and Blacksand farmer AND his -- CHARMING wife can make it - would like to see you all again - We may have lunch with it this year and then a short class or two after words - then I can have the time to visit with you both more : )) Get on Jims rear and have him pick you up in his plane : )))

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