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Honored Advisor

Re: Late season N app

Ken is tops on this advice,  If I am running the rig the damage would be more than the gain..... nice crop

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Re: Late season N app

I don't think you could see Shaq standing in my 117 day corn now. I would sure like to find a neighbor to dribble a few gallons between the rows. I only applied about 75 units of accual N. And have a population about 32,000.
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Senior Advisor

Re: Late season N app

Buck -  Man you do need some more juice on it - with your good growing conditions down there - Might call your fert dealer and see if he can help out someway -  I would want to go till harvest with only 75 on it - that extra 30 or 40 gallon is just what the doctor ordered near the rapid growth stage ! 


Good luck Buck - Now GET on that phone and call in Cavalry  Smiley Happy

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