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BA Deere
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Lessons from E3 weed control

My first Enlist season, with Xtend probably not being on label for post application next year, here`s what I`ve learned from Enlist.  First use a pre and regard Enlist as a clean up/rescue plan.  Enlist works the best on large weeds, because of the large droplets (from approved nozzles) small waterhemp can hide under soybean leaves and escape.   Next year I`ll use Enlist Duo or mix my own Liberty, it`ll be spendy but adding the glyfusinate group to the mix might be what`s needed.

I think the anti-volatilization formula in Enlist is a little "too good" you just don`t get the advantage of a 2,4D "fog" like the stuff you spray around the bldg site.  I sprayed right up to the fenceline and Enlist stayed exactly where I put it, it didn`t even drift 3" to get a few extra weeds. 

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Re: Lessons from E3 weed control

On the contrary, I try to grow weeds and not get rid of them. I tried for a long time to grow marijuana at home, in a greenhouse, but I did not succeed. I do not know what I did wrong, but the fact remains. I think that I did everything necessary, I created a comfortable environment for growing weed. Sometimes I think that it was all about the bad seeds, otherwise, I can't explain it. I quit this business and buy marijuana on, so much easier. The marijuana here is of excellent quality and is delivered very quickly. I thought I didn't want to be nervous anymore and it was easier to buy.

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Re: Lessons from E3 weed control

It's so cool that you're investing in all of this, because growing weed must be hard. My friend tried to grow marijuana indoors, but it was such a mess. lol He tried so hard to raise her normal, and it didn't work. I felt so sorry for him but it was so funny at the same time. Then, he decided to left this plan and doesn't do it anymore. Fortunately, I didn't like this idea at first and I just buy weed when I want to relax. I don't know what about you, but I like gummy bears with weed so much, my favourites are from Like, you eat sweets and voila, you are high haha.
Good luck tho!

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