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Lessons from E3 weed control

My first Enlist season, with Xtend probably not being on label for post application next year, here`s what I`ve learned from Enlist.  First use a pre and regard Enlist as a clean up/rescue plan.  Enlist works the best on large weeds, because of the large droplets (from approved nozzles) small waterhemp can hide under soybean leaves and escape.   Next year I`ll use Enlist Duo or mix my own Liberty, it`ll be spendy but adding the glyfusinate group to the mix might be what`s needed.

I think the anti-volatilization formula in Enlist is a little "too good" you just don`t get the advantage of a 2,4D "fog" like the stuff you spray around the bldg site.  I sprayed right up to the fenceline and Enlist stayed exactly where I put it, it didn`t even drift 3" to get a few extra weeds. 

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