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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Contributor

Lessons learned

It's easy to spot problems on the combine.  I see some weed escapes that make me want to rethink herbicides.  For example, I have kochia and grass escapes in corn.   Some of it looks like not enough sprayer overlap so I need to review how my lightbar is setup for offsets.  Too many examples of sprayer tracks taking out part of a row.  Since I do my own spraying, I can figure out who needs to fix that.  Some instances where I should change the direction or way a crop was planted for better erosion control or better field operations.  My best yielding corn hybrid stood the worst but still wasn't too hard to pick up.  The longer maturity soybeans were better than the earlier.

I need to attend a seminar or get an expert to work with me on setting up the combine.  I'm sure I could save some field loss if I had a better grasp on settings.

I put off corn combining until after beans were done, but since some beans were green stemmed until late that was longer than I needed to.  Next year, if the corn is ready I'm going to start into it.  It only takes an hour or so to switch the combine from corn to beans.

Also, I'm going to try to review the yield monitor and GPS before the season starts.  It's too late to try to learn it on the go.  Better to have it down before hand so I can concentrate on operating the machine.

Hopefully, this old dog can learn some new tricks and do a better job next year.

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Re: Lessons learned

My grain all goes to the elevator.  I adjust the combine to where the grain is justclean enough to avoid dockage for foreign material..  If i see cracked beans in the tank I pretty much know I'm threshing about as hard as I can in that variety.  What's frustrating is seeing pods and cracked beans and the beans are 10% moisture.

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