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Lets talk Cover Crops

Hey guys,

Please answer a couple questions I have about cover crops.  How many of you are doing this? and if you are, are you planting them yourself?  Would you be willing to pay someone to plant this seed for you?


I'm looking to get out of my public employment job, which I hate, and get into this business.  I have an ag background and went to college in the conservation field, been working in conservation for 10+ years.  I'm trying to use the little knowledge that I have and start my own business.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Lets talk Cover Crops

Cover crops is getting a lot of press, but the implementation is different from one place to another.  Most people either have a crop duster fly them on or use their own drill to seed after harvest.

I'd look at cover crop news at Successful Farming magazine and other ag press, with land grant universities and USDA.  

If I were to hire it done I'd want someone local.

There is usually a very short time window to establish a cover crop.  Another issue killing it before cropping next year.  I'd see it as two months of frenetic work and nothing to do the rest of the year.

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