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Lime on rented ground

Need to apply lime and fertilizer on rented ground. Ground will be leased on a 50/50 rental agreement next year. Old school says landowner pays 100% of lime and fertilizer is split 50/50. What is common no for this type of rental agreement Thank you
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Re: Lime on rented ground

It doesnt matter whats normal only u know how u get along with the landlord.If you pay for all the lime it should be somewhat reimbused back if you stop renting it in several years. hopefully you can get this worked out without upsetting your landlord. Might be a good time to talk about tile if needed and or fencerow or tree removal for future talks.  good luck.

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Re: Lime on rented ground

I've only done two years of 50/50. When I told the landlord we needed lime and tile and trees removed and brush cut around the fields. Oh yea he has some fences that need removed. I offered to apply the lime, pay for tile installation and work with him to clean up. He didn't even think about my offer. He just said make me an offer to cash rent it. I didn't even think about that. We ended up agreeing to a long term lease where I took care of all necessary land improvements.
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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: Lime on rented ground

Your number seem sabout right.  Your local land grant college undoubtedly has a number of lease plans that you can review.  They probably will give you some idea of what is typical for your area.  In the end, it's whatever you agree with.  


If the landlord wants you to pay for lime, I'd pay 50/50 each year spread out over 5 years.

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