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Liquid N and residue and micro "bugs"

I apply Liquid N on my N-till fields, now my family has been doing this since 1993 and have been 100% no-till since 2003,

The last three years I have had nitrogen issues, I have felt that we have lost a lot of my fertilizer,

I have a couple theories and any feed back would be helpful. 

one is that the amount of residue on the surface doens't allow the nitrogen to reach the ground and combine with the soil before it gets away to the environment.  Prior to 2003 we would work the corn stalks before planting soybeans, so the ground was worked every other year

another idea is that there are so much residue that the "bugs" burn through some of the nitrogen fertilizer to break down the residue?  I don't know if thats possible,

and yet another one I grabbed outta of the air is that due to are wets soils we are just losing that much, which is bad for the environment and my pocket.  

Has anyone used a product that helps control the N,  around here everyone tells me its an insurance policy but, I think there might be something to it,


any ideas are appreciated thanks



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Re: Liquid N and residue and micro "bugs"

You didn't say "how" you're applying your liquid N..just that you are applying it. Maybe rather than adding a "hit or miss" type product that claims to slow de-nitrification or volatilization, you should just split apply your N..a good shot with the planter with the starter..and then coming back with a side-dress application. Your residue build up will tie up some nitrogen..but after a few years of tie up..the levels should build to where the tied up releasing as fast as the new nitrogen is being tied up.

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