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Liquid fert on 30inch notill soybeans

Been thinking of adding fert to the planter and was thinking more for corn than beans,   I presently broadcast NPK for corn and work it in and then left over is for next year beans.  Seems like every year i get a neighbor that rents his land last minute( as in one called today) getting to late for corn and will plant beans mon or tues this week,  fert is ok at best, but would like to get some P and more so some K in there.  can broadcast but hmmm.   any experience in this area?  thanks redwis

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: Liquid fert on 30inch notill soybeans

Adding fertilizer to the planter can mean one less trip across the field, but it is another thing to do when planting.  I apply dry P&K with the planter but that is not too popular any more.  I think each size and kind of operation has to be figured out on it's own as to whether fertilizer with the planter is a good way to go.  This year I had trouble and ended up broadcasting it in the end.  A nuisance when it doesn't work.


I'd think broadcast P&K would be a faster way to get it on for a last-minute field.

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Re: Liquid fert on 30inch notill soybeans

I have been thinking about using foliar fertilizer on beans.  Most of my rental ground seams destined to be developed or at least subdivided into 5ac lots

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Re: Liquid fert on 30inch notill soybeans

I've had pretty good luck using a liquid 8-14-10 on beans. I use a blend by Grasshopper Fertilizer that has a pretty big micro pack. Be careful with anything hotter than an 8 or 10% N.

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