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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Manganese, 2017 nutrient of the year

Every year a hot new plant food or soil amendment is plugged, this year it`s Manganese.  Brian Hefty was in Rochester talking about their yield plot on their test plot in Baltic.  They have top yield growers from around the country and give them their own little plot to manage however they want (sounds very interesting).  Well the top plot yielders Brian H and Randy Dowdy applied 10-15lbs of Manganese Sulfate. 


The Manganese improves crop emergence, if a corn plant is late coming up, it becomes kind of a "weed", ideally corn will spike uniformally within 24 to 48hrs.  One of my heros, Neal Kinsey visited the Hefty farm and walked 3 paces into one of the plots and right away remarked "This plot must have a Manganese deficiency"  Darrin (the other Hefty brother) says "yes, our tissue samples showed that, but how do you know just walking 3 steps out here?????"   Neal says "look at the uneven height of ear placement on the stalks, they didn`t emerge at the same time".  Neal is nothing short of a genius. 

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