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Maximum height/development of RR2 Corn for using Roundup Powermax

Label says you can broadcast up to V8 or 30" in height I believe with drops suggested between 24-30" and then required above 48".  My question is which is more important the development stage or height?  Also it depends on when you say it's V8.  Some rating systems count the 8th leaf at different points than others.  My corn is all at true V6 with the 6th leaf collar fully unfurled, but 7 and 8 coiled up in the middle.  Do I call that V8 yet?  It's about 18" tall.


I know I've had corn custom sprayed in the past with Roundup broadcast when the corn was rubbing the belly of a JD 4710 sprayer and it didn't hurt anything.  Just curious as to what is best.  I do my own spraying now with a Hagie and have drops so I can do it whenever is best.  It's wet here now in northern Iowa, but I'm thinking the corn may be too big once it finally dries out to broadcast.


I've been wanting to wait as long as possible to catch as many late weeds as possible.  I went in after planting, but just before corn emergence with half-rate of Volley ATZ and 40 ounces of Powermax to clean up fields after spring strip-till and planting.  So my fields are quite clean at this point with only small weeds 1" or less coming.

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