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More Corn Or Soybeans Next Year?

The University of Illinois is saying beans have been more profitable that last few years and predict they will be in 2017.  They suggest some corn on corn ground go to soybeans.


There are a lot of weedy soybean fields around here and it makes one wish alfalfa was a viable crop.  No money in hay this year.


So - weedy beans or cheap corn next year?

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Re: More Corn Or Soybeans Next Year?

Will keep mix of corn /beans in my very small operation about the same. Just works for me ! Corn and beans both look very good.......NOW.......Hope they come off in good shape. Should be finishing by Thanksgiving.....seems like a long ways off......



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Re: More Corn Or Soybeans Next Year?

About the same amount - pretty close to 50 / 50 here and don't plan to change it .


What your Jim - Whats your plan 50 / 50  ?

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