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My corn not looking so good

I've been trying to sidedress some liquid N and had to quit on one field that was simply too muddy. In three fields I've been in so far, the corn is showing a lot of visible signs of stress from too much moisture.  These are fields that typically have some wet spots in a wet year but are usually pretty good.  This year there are many more wet spots than normal.  The corn is much more stunted and yellow than normal.  

I don't know if corn can come back from this or not, but so far I am not raisinng even an average crop.  I'm going to be a reluctant hedger.  The problem is, in 05 I had a short corn crop but prices were weak, anyway, so holding just because I am looking short is no guarantee prices will be good in the fall. 

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South of Des Moines (not mine)


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Re: South of Des Moines (not mine)

Jim I don't think you are alone by a long shot. I drove south today into Northeast Indiana and saw plenty of fields that would be considered poor. The fields farmed by the BTOs seem to be by far the worst. A farmer south of me that farms around 15,000 acres would have been better off disking under most of their corn and planting soybeans. Notilling corn into wet cool soils really didn't do those guys any good this year.

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Re: South of Des Moines (not mine)

  These rains are really spotty.  5 miles south of me has water standing and I can't buy a nice rain to save my soul.

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