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NE Iowa farmer wants your best advice!

I am trying to add a few bushels per acre of corn.  I already average about 200 bpa.  I use 200 units of nh3, have high P and K  levels, and plant around 34,000 seeds per acre.  I want to know what it is that you think is the best return on your money.  I don't use starter, but I think I might add 30 units of 28% with a pre emerge herbicide right after planting this year.  It seems like since these prices have shot up, everybody is trying to get their hands in my pocketbook.  I want to maximize my yields but not throw away money on useless tactics.  Thanks

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Re: NE Iowa farmer wants your best advice!

seed choice? Starter could help. My biggest advice would be timing and placement of nitrogen. Personally I use starter and sidedress the majority of nitrogen. SHould be able to go with less nitrogen than what your using. If you decide to up your pop higher than 34k try some zinc. expensive, but so is down corn at $7. Do a test field this year
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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: NE Iowa farmer wants your best advice!

Starter fertilizer will probably increase early growth, but does not always result in increased yield.  Lots of university studies confirm that.

Two-pass herbicide is good.  Change mechanisms of action, don't just use the same.

Consider a fungicide if the weather and other conditions indicate.


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Re: NE Iowa farmer wants your best advice!

I like adding the early nitrogen..problem is, you get more bang for your buck if it's in a band closer to the seed. But if you don't have tanks on your planter for starter...then yours is the second best option. Personally, I've been finding that 100 units of broadcast ammonium sulfate (liquid) on corn going to corn is a very good early nitrogen program. It helps with the tie up of nitrogen by the stalks starting to decompose. I just add my burn down herbicide to it and get it on before I plant.

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