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NIA crop update

Well the wifey is off helping her mom who hurt her back this last week so me and the oldest boy have been driving around doing some 55 mph yield checks. 

My impression is the crop is good.  Not over the top but maybe 1% either side of most estimates. 

I do notice a lot of corn still being moved and I know of several elevators who are full right now.

So we went from livermore to the south up to Buffalo Center to the north. came back thru woden and down to home.  Went By Mike M's place I think he is setting up a beer tent for XI and Idalivered. LOL

Woden is getting ready with bunker walls to line the streets to NIA farmers really good LDP crops!Smiley Very Happy

Beans are shutting down a little early but then again a lot of them were planted the last week of April.

Corn on drier soils have started to die and in one field I thought I could see some ears starting to hang.

Whats all this mean I dunno.  I do think though that drier capasity won't be a problem. but storage capasity will be tough. JR

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Re: NIA crop update

Here in WC IN, I shelled some end rows on 106 day Pioneer @ 20% Thursday. We will take it out this week, yield should be good. I have never shelled corn in August before. Lots of beans here will cut in August, mid to late April planting. Early beans should do well, later beans are begging for rain.

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Mike M2692830
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Re: NIA crop update

Lunch at noon today, followed by Viptera and aphid resistance presentation..hope to see you...MikeM

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Re: NIA crop update

Missed Mike's field day. Just got back from new york. took I-90 most of the way. crop in our part of iowa, se mn, sw wisc., nw ill., and western new york looked good to me at 70 mph. Hard to really see much in the parts of ohio and indiana i was in. Only observatios are (1) if nw ill. from ottawa to rockford, had crop problems i didn't see it (2) new york doesn't raise alot of corn, but looked ok (3) anyone that rides a motorcycle thru chicago during rush hour has a pair the size of grapefruit.

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