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Need help with Strawberries production.

Hi, I'm a very new 'farmer' into the farming community. During the Covid-19 period, I wanted to get some new hobbies, and I immediately thought of something which I loved from young but had no time to do and this is Farming. Now, it is COVID-19 period, I'm free from all the troublesome stuff in my life and wish to start a small farming first. I wish to start by having a potted plants. I planned to DIY a pot made of Redwood without a water hole. I have heard that if there is no water hole, we are recommended to use activated charcoal and place it below the soil, and I saw a lot of activated charcoal online for sale, some for shower, some edible and etc. I also saw some people saying that if you put pebbles into the pot and saying that it will help. So, now I'm ready to start my journey with farming. However, I'm very confused with the variety of Strawberries, types etc etc. But I do not want to give up, so I have quite some queries in my mind to ask you guys to keep me going and not give myself excuse to quit.

Q1: What size pot should I get? I wish to get one which is small and looks good at one side of my table and most importantly, it is "healthy" for my plants to grow.

Q2: What activated charcoal is good for planting crops such as Strawberries?

Q3: Do we have to put pebbles into the pot if we are planting crops such as vegetables, fruits etc? And if yes, what pebbles do you guys suggest?

Q4: I wish to put my strawberry plant indoor, what can I use to replace sunlight?

Q5: I wish to get the June-Bearing Strawberry as I heard that the fruit will be big and juicy, but I don't have any idea what specific type, what specific name of strawberry seed I should get, do you guys have any idea? I'm from Singapore and there is no 4 seasons in this country, meaning it will be 'summer' in Singapore all day and any seeds that is suitable in this kind of atmosphere? Average temperature is around 30++ degree celsius.

Q6: How should I prepare my strawberries for planting? I heard that there are some seeds that need preparation like pineapple, where you should take the "head" off and put it into water for a few days and when the roots start to grow, put it into soil, something like that for strawberries.

Q7: What platform should I get my seeds, wood to build from?(I'm from Singapore)

Q8: How many strawberries plants should there be in the pot for equal growth of the strawberries?

Q9: What 'renovation' can we do to keep the strawberry strong after the plants are ripe and picked.

Q10: What fertilizer do you guys suggest for it to stay healthy that is bang for the buck.

Wish to hear a reply from you guys soon, Thank you.

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Re: Need help with Strawberries production.

I don't mean to seem unkind, but you are really on the wrong site to ask these questions. You should really look on Facebook for a gardening group or a homesteader group. The people on this site are geared to growing massive acres of corn, soybeans, and some wheat and cotton and and feedlot cows and large confinement buildings stuffed with thousands of swine or poultry. They also only grow livestock feed and the vast majority couldn't grow food if their life depended on it.

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Re: Need help with Strawberries production.

I have something for you some postings that other members had posted and they also get positive guidance from there. Please visit braga organic farms. I hope this helps you get started on new ideas. Please feel free to continue asking questions anytime.

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Re: Need help with Strawberries production.

It is best to grow strawberries in a tent. Just birds love to peck this berry. Every time I started picking strawberries in my garden, they were either on the ground or there were beak marks on them. Especially if you want to grow June strawberries, then you need a special temperature for this. Then the strawberries will be juicy and sweet. I have tested this on my own experience. I bought a tent with special lighting at After a certain time, I grew juicy and sweet strawberries.

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