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Need help with custom rates!

 I have a neighbor that wants me to spread turkey manure on his pasture farm. I supply the manure, and spread it with a big vertical spreader, so can cover a lot of ground quickly. How much would I charge an hour, or how much for the manure?

Also, what do you guys charge for round baling silage and dry hay, and how much for wrapping silage?




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Re: Need help with custom rates!

Buc - you may have already thought of this but Purdue has a custom rate chart for nearly all trips accross a field, can't remember exactly where but it's on the site with alittle searching. Also here in my area North Central Co-op custom applies chicken manure you could probably get a price from them as to what they charge for the manure and or application.

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Re: Need help with custom rates!

Buc; got thinking about your post today and if I remember correctly you are from Ontario, perhaps midwestern Ontario.

If so you might find some guidance from the OMAFRA survey of Custom rates.

Last done in 2009 but some idea or range.

They are not too descriptive of size of machinery but check this site for some numbers

You will have to scroll almost to the bottom to find manure rates.

I know I charge more for snow removal than their list shows and have people tell me I am not overcharging so it depends on just what equipment you have.

Hope it helps

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Land grant college custom rates

Many land grant universities compile lists of custom rates.  You can use them for a point of reference and adjust to your own situation as necessary.  You may always adjust the amounts up or down based on local circumstances.


Here is one for Iowa State for 2011. 

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Re: Need help with custom rates!

Buc be very careful about using those "average" custom rates.


I custom chop silage and a few years ago I was getting blown outa the water by others who did it purely off the ISU custom harvest survey. SO I went with their rates. About lost my shirt!  When I would charge the rate per hour they suggested than folks would complain about the cost per ton. I finally set my rate and said take it or leave it.  If they want several hundred thousnad dollars in machinery sitting around for 4 weeks of work they can go for it.  Lost two customers over the deal. but I didn't lose any money on it either. 

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