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New Hebrides tolerate crop

I stumbled  upon the newest crop tolerance from Dow tonight on the web.  The ENLIST system, its a 2-4 D tolerance system.  They are coming out with a new herbicide that does not smell or volatilities.  On the video that was on the site, the guy was from down south and we all know you have problems with water hemp down there and mares tail is getting terrilbe around home here, but anyway he said that we can't go back to mechanical cultivation.  Well yes but not for the reason he listed, I think we might have raised better corn on a good year when we did cultivate.  I'm 33, anyone younger then me really has no idea how to cultivate, so if for some reason that we didn't have roundup, heck we wouldn't have any corn.   Not to mention most people sold they're cultivators. 


anyway just some thoughts, 




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