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old man
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Re: No til corn 2nd year corn ????? Pup

What is the maximum amount of N that can be put with seed. I know it is touchy, but that should be the most effective use of your N.

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Re: No til corn 2nd year corn ????? Pup

Personally, I think soil type is very important on how much you can put, as well as moisture conditions.  However, as a baseline, in our soils here in Nebraska, the recommendation is not more than 5 gallons of 10-34-0 per acre in liquid form. 

I don't know off the top of my head what that weighs per gallon, but if I had to guess, I'd say maybe 11# or so, which would be 55# per acre, or 5.5 at the 10%. 
I'm not so sure if it isn't the P that will do the harm, as much as the N, in the case of the fertilizer I used. 
This year, my soil tests indicate a little change, which will be about 10 gallons per acre of 18-28-5-5-5 instead of the 10-34-0.  I knife it in 2" over, and am told I can go 15 gallons per acre without worrry that way.


Also, side-dressing is better on corn on corn than one big application of N, as the residue can tie some of it up.  Best is a machine that cuts through the residue, and 'injects' 28 or 32% in the coulter slot with a nozzle.  No knife that can plug like on an NH3 applicator. 

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