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No till in heavy wheat stubble

I am a small farmer in central OK with several off farm jobs.  I went to No-till in 2008 to save tractor time.  I have one small field that I am trying to get into native pasture without spending a fortune on seed.  I have fed round bales of native bluestem on the field in summer to seed the field.  It is working but slowly.  This is the first year I had a decent yield.  I no-tilled wheat into what grass was growing. Rate was 2bu/acre.  Heavy red clay soil.  1 ton/acre of chicken litter was applied prior to planting, 125lbs/acre of 43-4-0 was applied 2 weeks after planting, and 125lbs of 46-0-0 was spplied in february.  The yield was 4.5 round bales /acre weighing approximately 1250 lbs.  I cut with a sickle type swather at a 6-8in height.  This year the stubble is extremely thick, and an infestation of Bindweed and jointed Goatgrass has appeared.   I want to keep the mative grass and Bermuda that is being established, but need to use some herbicide for the Bindweed and Goatgrass if possible. 
I am concerned about any problems with no-tilling into the tall stubble I have left and need some suggestions about type and rate of herbicide to use.  I will be sowing wheat or triticale in September and would like to plant something for a cover crop to possibly cut for additional hay or graze out.  Due to the virus, I am overloaded on cattle and need any extra pasture I can get.  The cattle have eliminated the Bindweed and Goatgrass in the stubble.

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